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Dialogue and Debate Information

Here is some information to inform the dialogue and debate. The May-June ‘BC Forest Professional’ published an article by Anthony Britneff, RPF (ret) regarding the state of Not Satisfactorily Restocked forestland. This was followed up in the July-August edition by a letter to the editor from BC’s Chief Forester, Jim Snetsinger, RPF.

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Standing Senate Committee Report

Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry  final report outlining the impacts of the forest crisis. All points pertinent to our initiative are highlighted in yellow.

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More press for our initiative

More press for our initiative in the Boundary Creek Times outlining some of the challenges facing forestry in the Kootenay-Boundary Region.

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The buzz is growing

The buzz is growing… BC Nature Magazine (Summer Edition) article by Francis Vyse. The Boundary Creek Tribune also published an article on the Community Dialogue Sessions in Midway and Grand Forks.

Posted July 7, 2011, by hfhc.