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HFHC 2011 Activities Summary Report

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY BC Crown lands represent 94% of the Province. The public expects the Provincial Government to manage these lands in the public’s best interest (i.e., management will be done in such a manner as to protect social, cultural and economic values over the long term and provide the BC residents with expected products and services). The demands can be … Continue reading

Posted January 23, 2012, by hfhc.

Anthony Britneff (NSR) Response – BC Forest Professional Article

Anthony Britneff (RPF, Ret) responds with an article in the BC Forest Professional (Jan-Feb) to the forests Ministry article regarding Not Satisfactorily Restocked forestlands in BC (Sep-Oct, 2011 BC Forest Pro) The Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities initiative is gaining momentum – with your help, countless volunteers have gathered to plan Community Dialogue Sessions, prepare Background Briefs on the status of different … Continue reading

Posted January 10, 2012, by hfhc.