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Forest Act amendments opinion-summary of comments

Forest Act amendments opinion-summary of comments Healthy Forests Healthy Communities Excerpt: The following are comments received regarding the previously distributed paper: Anonymous forester #1 All good points, especially those dealing with First Nations. However, from my perspective this  is what is missing:

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Forest Act amendments-response

Forest Act amendments-response Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities Excerpt: The recently tabled Forest Act amendments regarding transfer of renewable volume‐based Forest  Licenses (FL) to area‐based Tree Farm Licenses (TFL) does not meet the needs of communities.  The  Healthy Forests‐Healthy Communities: A conversation on BC forests (HFHC) recently reported on a two  year dialogue involving communities, experts and concerned citizens regarding the future of BC forests.   The proposed changes to the Forest Act lack imagination, innovation, are inconsistent with community  needs and will not advance sustainable forest management across BC.  The amendments fail to address  the HFHC recommendations in five areas:

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BC Budget – Is It Credible?

BC Budget: ‘Is It Credible?’ “A $105-million cut to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations includes a $35.3-million cut to “resource stewardship”, which includes things like silviculture, timber supply planning, inventory and research.” Andrew MacLeod, The Tyee

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Forestry towns and First Nations integral to B.C.’s growth: report

Forestry towns and First Nations integral to B.C.’s growth: report

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Clearwater Action Plan

Clearwater Action Plan HF-HC Press Release HF-HC Clearwater Summary Excerpt: The Healthy Forests ‐Healthy Communities – Clearwater Organizing Committee has  compiled the views and perspectives of local participants who attended a public session  held at the Wells Gray Inn on January 19, 2013.  About 60 participants brainstormed  possible short and long term actions to address the five key challenges that are impacting  the communities in the North Thompson Valley compiled from the November 2011  Community Dialogue Session.

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Restoring BC’s Forest Legacy

RESTORING BC’s FOREST LEGACY AND ENERGIZING THE FOREST SECTOR (Final Report) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY RECOMMENDATIONS Excerpt: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The growing concern about the future of BC forests in meeting the long-term societal expectations from a wide range of concerned citizens initiated the Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities: A conversation on BC forests initiative (HFHC)1 . The final report and recommendations are based on … Continue reading

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Developing a Framework for Investing in British Columbia Forests

Developing a Framework for Investing in British Columbia Forests Harry Nelson and Phil Grace Excerpt: There is a broad consensus that the forests of British Columbia provide important environmental, social, and economic values to the people of BC as well as to the global public. Yet at the same time the ability of our forests to sustain those values is … Continue reading

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Board raises concerns over B.C. forest roads and bridges

Board raises concerns over B.C. forest roads and bridges Jonathan Fowlie, The Vancouver Sun

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