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Urban forestry degree at UBC

September 2015 – UBC is launching a Bachelor degree of urban forestry.  Urban forestry is becoming a major topic related to mitigating climate change impacts and generating personal health benefits.

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Ten Years of FRPA

Article – May 2014 – Forest Practices Board Special Report-A decade in review (FPB SR46-A-Decade-in-Review) The FPB evaluation of nine (9) Forest and Range Practices Act framework elements rated performance fair to poor in all but forest practices which got a Board rating of good.

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Forest Stewardship Plans

Article – August 2015 – Forest Practices Board – Are they meeting expectations FPB SIR44-FSP-Are-They-Meeting-Expectations-1 “The board previously looked at forest stewardship plans in 2006 and found numerous problems, so we wanted to see if they had improved since then,” said board chair Tim Ryan. “Unfortunately, we found there has been no improvement in that time.”

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Fibre Action Plan-encouraging wood residue use

Policy – September 2015 Encouraging use of wood residue MFLNRO announces a new fibre action plan to increase use of wood residue.

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National Forest Week

Information – September 2015 National Forest Week (September 20-26) We encourage you to participate in local events celebrating BC’s forests.

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