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Government consultation commitments vs community needs

Opinion-Bill Bourgeois-Government has policies regarding public consultation on forestry and land use.  I question whether these are adequate to meet community needs in Government consultation commitments-opinion.

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Student gets career guidance through forestry class

Success Story-A Carihi Secondary School student tells of her experiences that led to a career in forestry.  The Carihi student letter should be a must read for students interested in finding out more about forestry.

Posted November 27, 2015, by hfhc.

Charles Bloom Secondary Forestry Program

Success story: Charles Bloom Secondary School in Lumby uses a Woodlot to provide teaching opportunities for Charles Bloom Secondary Forestry Program.

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Status of BC forest inventory-2015

Information: The MFLNRO has posted the updated status of the BC forest inventory  The document is rather technical but does provide information for the  layperson interested in knowing what is available in their local forest.

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UN Forum on accelerating action on climate change in Canada-BC edition

Information: Bill Bourgeois: An invitational forum was held to obtain input into  climate change adaptation actions to be part of the discussion in Paris in November.  Bill Bourgeois’ presentation focused on communities and accessed  here UN FORUM ON CLIMATE CHANGE-2015-presentation.

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Community influence through public consultation

Information:  Bill Bourgeois outlines opportunities for communities and individuals to provide input into forestry plans and processes. Influence through public consultation

Posted November 13, 2015, by hfhc.