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Landscape unit planning-Integrated Silviculture Strategies

Policy-Bill Bourgeois opinion. The MFLNRO has embarked on pilots utilizing integrated silviculture strategies Integrated Silviculture Strategies Overview to meet the objectives of landscape unit planning.  A discussion on what is needed in utilizing this tool to meet long-term forest stewardship objectives ISS program-opinion is presented.

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Real vs artificial Christmas trees and carbon footprint

Information-Analysis report on Christmas tree-real or artificial and its carbon footprint- which is less? It depends.  Christmas tree industry contributes to community diversification while not impacting climate change in many conditions.

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Professional Reliance

Professional Reliance concept was introduced with FRPA to give more responsibility for forest decisions to forest professionals.  The Forest Practices Board studied how this has worked in FPB Board Bulletin 014-professional reliance

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We need your help!

We welcome your help! Send us information through our webmail on your local forests or concerns about BC forests. The input can come in the form of information articles, local issues, experiences, good and bad news stories or your opinions on items related to the community priorities or long-term forest stewardship. We need volunteers to assist with social media and … Continue reading

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MFLNRO organization structure

Information-Generalized MFLNRO Admin Structure is presented to assist in understanding where decisions (local, regional and provincial) are made within the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.  More detail can be found in the Government telephone directory

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Why should you be interested in BC forests?

Opinion-Bill Bourgeois-It is critical that British Columbians be interested and concerned about the future of BC forests.  The case is presented in Why be interested in BC forests.

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