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A framework for a new forest decision-making Governance Model

The dissatisfaction with the current forest management decision-making system has been actively discussed for over two decades, commonly in the form of tenure reform and more local/community control.  These are not of interest to the key governing bodies (Government & industry) and consequently, discounted.  A Governance model-a conceptual framework is presented as a more acceptable option within the existing system. Local … Continue reading

Posted June 22, 2017, by hfhc.

Logging residue-Opportunities lost

The lost opportunities in the current practice of creating and burning large roadside logging residue piles raises the question as to the appropriateness of this practice. Logging residue-opportunities lost discusses the issue and provides an opinion regarding the argument of maintaining the status quo.

Posted June 13, 2017, by hfhc.

NDP-Greens Agreement-forestry

The recent Confidence and Supply Agreement between the BC NDP and the BC Greens includes three (3) forestry related items. These are discussed (NDP-BC Greens forestry agreements)  relative to the previous community recommendations.  

Posted June 1, 2017, by hfhc.