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Moving toward community resiliency-recommended strategic actions

Using the progress in implementing the recommendations from the Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities Initiative dialogue, Moving toward community resiliency-specific actions identifies steps by Government, industry and communities that can be taken immediately to move along paths to long-term forest stewardship and community resiliency.

Posted July 28, 2017, by hfhc.

Need for a new forest research infrastructure model

The BC Government and forest industry response to the forest sector changes and economic conditions over the last 15 years has resulted in a major reduction in adequately delivering research for long-term forest stewardship of BC forests. The rationale for a new model is presented in Need for a new research model.  A new forest research infrastructure model (1) outlines a … Continue reading

Posted July 20, 2017, by hfhc.

Demonstrate SFM-actions required

The BC Government and forest industry promote a high level of Sustainable Forest Management.  Their rationale is usually based on the existing legislation, regulations and policies and the fact a large percentage of BC forests have third part forest certification.  However, there are a number of deficiencies in this approach that could be rectified, in-part, by adopting the recommendations presented … Continue reading

Posted July 17, 2017, by hfhc.

Action for long-term forest stewardship and community resiliency

Now that the BC NDP has formed Government with support from the BC Greens, what can we expect from the new Government based on recent commitments compared to what is needed to move toward long-term forest stewardship and community resiliency? A discussion regarding this comparison and required actions are presented in Required Action-forest stewardship-community resiliency.   

Posted July 5, 2017, by hfhc.

Innovative building design

Spearhead has created an amazing wood structure  in the Kootenays We need more of this!  The creation of clusters and encouraging innovative value-added manufacturing requires Government leadership, especially in the form of reducing barriers Building through clusters (1).

Posted July 4, 2017, by hfhc.