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Use of wood waste for community diversification

The use of  wood waste from forest harvesting or wood processing can have a greater value than its use for bio-energy as outlined in Logging residue-opportunities lost.  Washington State University has developed a new technology for the use of lignin (a by product of wood processing and bio-chemical digestion technologies) for use in car manufacturing  Other research is on-going in … Continue reading

Posted August 27, 2017, by hfhc.

Forest protection investment needed for sustainable managed forests and community resiliency

Bill Tieleman’s opinion is neglect in wildfire protection due to low investment by BC Liberals was a major factor in the current wildfire situation. Whether you agree with the analysis or not, it is clear we need to invest in the forest relative to a number of issues previously identified in HFHC documents as part of long-term forest stewardship. … Continue reading

Posted August 16, 2017, by hfhc.

Video regarding value of student forest field trips

The Federation of  BC Woodlot Associations has a new short video on the value to students of a forest field trip  Video “A Walk in the Woods”  Teachers are encouraged to take a look. There are numerous opportunities for field trips across BC both in rural and urban communities. National Forest Week-BC Coalition is a good place to start if … Continue reading

Posted August 13, 2017, by hfhc.

Planting decisions considering climate change

UBC research shows BC foresters are including climate change into reforestation decision-making in “change & changes in silvicultural practices,” Julie Sheppard

Posted August 7, 2017, by hfhc.

Full utilization of fibre through cluster creation

The Corewood Sawmill in Houston (Tahtsa Group) champions a cluster partnership with forest companies to fully utilize available wood fibre and boost the local economy.  This is consistent with the recommendations in Logging residue-opportunities lost Well Done!

Posted August 3, 2017, by hfhc.