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Urban forest video

A new video by Lorian Nesbitt regarding the urban forest has been added (page 9) to the Forest sector video-description links 

Posted December 20, 2017, by hfhc.

Forest management and CO2 emissions mitigation

The Canadian Forestry Service climate change researchers have evaluated several potential  Forest management strategies-CO2 emissions mitigation The article provides ideas related to full utilization of forest fibre, community diversification and emissions reduction but some actions may not be currently practical or economic in BC. 

Posted October 30, 2017, by hfhc.

BC Forest Discovery Centre video

Take a look at this video describing the plan for expanding the BC Forest Discovery Centre in Duncan We need more of these exhibits across BC

Posted October 20, 2017, by hfhc.

Forest industry statistics

The Truck Loggers Magazine has a useful article (page 32) regarding forest industry job statistics.

Posted October 13, 2017, by hfhc.

Pouring money into interface protection not enough

The Victoria Times editorial suggests more money is needed to treat forest-community interface areas from wildfire.  Although this is correct, the cost is high but could be reduced if Government was to change some policies regarding harvesting of merchantable trees within these areas.  These changes would generate revenue and off-set treatment costs while at the same time protect the interface … Continue reading

Posted September 6, 2017, by hfhc.

Forest management systems

The US organization Walk in the Woods forest education organization has produced a useful description of  the various forest management systems that might be of interest to non-foresters.  Although clearcutting and single tree selection are the most common in BC, some foresters have chosen others to best achieve the objectives for the area being harvested.   

Posted May 24, 2017, by hfhc.

Softwood Lumber Agreement-US economist views

Here is an interesting article from a US economist that sheds light on the SLA issue and other trade issues

Posted May 9, 2017, by hfhc.

Softwood Lumber Agreement-basic info

I (Bill Bourgeois) have learned over my career in the forest industry that the Softwood Lumber Agreement (SLA) with the US is complex involving detailed legal issues. My view is that if you are not directly involved you should be cautious in what you say due to, in effect, not knowing what you are talking about. However, a basic understanding … Continue reading

Posted May 5, 2017, by hfhc.

Update-2017 Political Party forestry commitments comparison

An update comparison of the current (April 24th) BC Liberals, BC NDP and BC Greens election platform commitments regarding forestry are presented in Political forestry commitments-2017 election-update.  Overall, the commitments are a major disappointment but the BC NDP and BC Greens have a few interesting suggestions.  The BC Liberals have adopted a status quo approach.  In summary: The BC Liberals, BC … Continue reading

Posted April 25, 2017, by hfhc.

NDP forestry election plan

The NDP forestry plan was just announced.  It includes an emphasis on increasing value-added manufacturing which is consistent with the recommendation in the HFHC Update report.  However, the Plan is short on details and has the potential to be superficial just like the BC Liberals actions since 2013 on this topic.  The NDP needs to be pushed for details related to implementing … Continue reading

Posted March 28, 2017, by hfhc.