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Building public confidence-BCGEU report

The BCGEU Compliance and Enforcement comprehensive report on Government staffing related to natural resources provides a clear message of the need for more resources if public confidence in forest management is to be achieved as mentioned in 

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Building Confidence in Forest Management-an integrated approach

Three questions contribute to building trust in forest management:  Is the public aware of proposed plans and activities? Are the public expectations being met through implementation of plans and activities? Is there adequate compliance and enforcement? Building community and public confidence in forest manager decision-making would benefit from the nesting of instruments associated with answering each of these questions.  Building … Continue reading

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Building confidence in BC forest management-compliance and enforcement

Communities and concerned citizens are demanding more assurance BC forests are being managed for long-term sustainability and to meet community needs. Building Public confidence-Compliance and Enforcement is the third opinion paper posted directed at improving public consultation and engagement.  Compliance and Enforcement is a critical aspect of building public trust in the management of BC forests.  

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Video on history of wildfires

The video is 15 minutes well spent if you are interested in the history of wildfires and what we need to do to prevent massive fires in the future.  Thanks to BC Community Forests Association for the heads-up.

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Wildfire salvage an opportunity

Expedite wildfire salvage while applying long-term forest stewardship practices is an opportunity. The debate presented in should not delay harvesting. Foresters need to get on with collaborative planning to capitalize on the situation from the perspective of balancing short-term economics, long-term wildfire protection management and restoring/maintaining ecosystem integrity. Lets not miss the opportunity by focusing on debate and bureaucracy. … Continue reading

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Long-term or short-term forest management

Government and industry are in discussions re: post wildfire season recovery actions COFI CEO says “discussions about changing forest-management practices are expected to continue beyond the current fire season.” Hopefully these are within the parameters of long-term forest stewardship and not focused on short-term economics. Government and industry need to provide assurances to the public such will be the case. We … Continue reading

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Salvage of fire damaged wood underway

Norbord has begun salvaging the trees killed by the Gustafsen wildfire at 100 Mile House Great to see industry working quickly to fully utilize the available fibre as part of forest stewardship.

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Forest protection investment needed for sustainable managed forests and community resiliency

Bill Tieleman’s opinion is neglect in wildfire protection due to low investment by BC Liberals was a major factor in the current wildfire situation. Whether you agree with the analysis or not, it is clear we need to invest in the forest relative to a number of issues previously identified in HFHC documents as part of long-term forest stewardship. … Continue reading

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Planting decisions considering climate change

UBC research shows BC foresters are including climate change into reforestation decision-making in “change & changes in silvicultural practices,” Julie Sheppard

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Moving toward community resiliency-recommended strategic actions

Using the progress in implementing the recommendations from the Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities Initiative dialogue, Moving toward community resiliency-specific actions identifies steps by Government, industry and communities that can be taken immediately to move along paths to long-term forest stewardship and community resiliency.

Posted July 28, 2017, by hfhc.