Forests 101

A considerable amount of basic forest information for layperson consumption is available through short (<6 minute) videos. Unfortunately, not all aspects of forests, forest management, land use, etc. are available in this mode but the gaps can be partially filled through information on various websites.

We have compiled an easily accessible database to provide basic information on BC forestry and wood products Forest sector video-description links to remove the difficulty and time consuming challenges of those not familiar with the forest sector.  This database will be updated as more videos and information become available.

Additional information will be posted on the What’s New Section and through Facebook and Twitter as it becomes available.


The following organizations showed vision and leadership in sponsoring the initial development of this project.  We are grateful for their contributions to building a forest culture in BC.

  • BC Government Employees Union
  • Canadian Standards Association Forest Certification
  • DWB Consulting Services
  • FP Innovations
  • Kalesnikoff Lumber Company Ltd
  • Professional Employees Association
  • Weyerhaeuser Canada