Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities Initiative

The Healthy forests-Healthy communities initiative was initiated to focus on BC’s future forest. Given
there is no official vision to guide legislation, regulation, policy and practices regarding the BC forest, a
draft vision statement has been produced for discussion, dialogue, debate and revision. The following
BC forest vision was created as a draft, circulated for review by 22 professionals with expertise across
the spectrum of forest management, research, community participation, forest policy and First Nations
culture and updated accordingly for use in the Community Dialogue Sessions. It is intended as guidance
for the Healthy forests-Healthy communities initiative and, if appropriate, recommended to provincial
decision makers.

Draft Vision Statement

British Columbia’s forests are managed to:

  1. Ensure the health and protection of all forest values;
  2. Support healthy, diverse and resilient communities; and
  3. Support a sustainable and globally competitive forest products economy.

The vision may be modified at the regional level to reflect local conditions and the emphases identified
through local discussion and dialogue but within the overall framework.

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